Questions To Ask On Your Daycare Tour

Scallywags Childcare

1.    Is the facility licensed? Yes, Scallywags Childcare is a licensed facility.

2.    What are the daily or monthly fees? Our monthly fees are listed on the contact page of our website. 

3.    How many staff does the daycare have? There is one full time staff member and two subs.

4.    How many children are in care? Scallywags Childcare is licensed for seven children.

5.    Are there any holiday or vacation closures? Scallywags Childcare is closed on all statutory holidays, including Easter Monday, Truth & Reconciliation Day, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve. In addition, there are vacation closures scheduled throughout the year. You will be given advanced notice of all closures.

6.    What is the drop off and pick up window? Are there any late fees? Drop off and pick up times are discussed during your daycare interview. There is flexibility offered but if you are going to be late dropping off or picking up your child please contact me so we can adjust our schedule as needed. Late fees will apply to parents who are habitually late in picking up their child.

7.    Are healthy lunches and snacks provided?  Lunches and snacks are to be provided by the parents unless you are enrolled in the optional meal plan. Scallywags Childcare will provide water. Occasionally treats will be offered for special occasions - Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, etc. 

8.    What are the expectations around toilet training and diapers? When you feel your child is ready for toilet training, we ask that you begin this teaching at home during a weekend or vacation. We will follow through and encourage your child while in our care. Toilet training will be done in a relaxed manner with the cooperation of the family. We require that the child must be showing signs of readiness. If we notice that your child is ready, we will approach you and ask if you are willing to begin the process.

9.    Does the facility accept the Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB)? Is there a parent portion in addition to the ACCB amount? Scallywags Childcare does accept the Affordable Child Care Benefit. There may be a parent portion in addition to the ACCB amount. We are happy to help you fill out the necessary paperwork.

10.  Do the kids take two naps a day or one? Is there a nap room? Does everyone nap? The children nap as needed. Most of the nappers only require one nap per day and some of the children do not nap at all. There is a separate nap room for those who nap and each child has a dedicated sleeping space with dedicated bedding. 

11.  How does the facility handle squabbles between children? For younger children the strategy used most often is redirection. For older children, they are reminded about turn taking and encouraged to use their words. All children are reminded to use gentle hands when needed. Time outs are used infrequently but may be used if a child is having an especially difficult day remembering to use gentle hands. If a time out is needed it is never used as a punishment and there is always discussion about why the child needs to have a short time away from the group. 

12.  Is there an outdoor space? Do you go to the park? We have a large, fully fenced backyard with many climbers and outdoor toys. We play outside every day unless the weather is severe enough to warrant staying inside. On occasion we venture out to local parks for a change of scenery and to interact with children outside of their normal playgroup and give opportunities for large group activities with other daycares. Carseats are provided by the facility and are inspected regularly. The childcare provider has a clean driver's abstract with no tickets or accidents.

13.  What is the facility's illness policy? What happens if the child care provider is sick? If your child has a fever higher than 38.3 C/101 F, is vomiting, has moderate to severe diarrhea, difficulty breathing or has a communicable disease, they need to stay home. Your child needs to be free of listed symptoms for 24 hours before returning to care. If the child care provider is ill, you will be given as much notice as possible that the daycare will be closed for the day. Sick days will never be taken for colds or minor illnesses.

14.  Does the child care provider have references? Yes, references are available and they will be offered to you during your daycare interview.

15.  Does the child care provider take additional training/upgrading? Yes, the child care provider takes ongoing training throughout the year and was recognized in 2016 as the child care provider who had taken the most training hours of those registered with the Chilliwack Childcare Resource and Referral office.

16.  Does the child care provider have a current first aid certificate? Yes, all staff have a current first aid certificate and all substitutes and volunteers must have one as well.

17.  Does the child care provider have a criminal record check? Yes, the child care provider has a criminal record check on file at the local licensing office. All substitutes, volunteers and anyone over the age of 12 living in the house must have a criminal record check as well.

18.  Does the facility have liability insurance? Yes, Scallywags Childcare has a full liability insurance policy covering the daycare facility.​​